Vip Air Empowerment Srl

The Italian company VIP Air Empowerment Srl has been a benchmark for the production of axial fans for over 30 years. Today the company operates on a production area of 5,000 m² and has a 1,500 m² research laboratory. It constitutes an increasingly established presence in the national and international market for customised industrial ventilation, for standard and customised machining from Ø200 mm to Ø1650 mm

The company builds the fundamental components for fans or those that determine its performance: the motor, the impeller and the conveyor. VIP Air Empowerment srl’s strength is in this specialisation.

Giving the customer technological and tailored solutions while also offering a wide range of products belonging to the standard series: this is the philosophy on which the Company’s activity has always been based. The VIP group’s flagship is its workshop located in Paderno Dugnano (MI), just a few hundred metres from the production plant. The laboratory is able to perform aeraulic tests on active elements such as fans, and on passive elements such as heat exchange batteries and complex machine parts, detecting aeraulic, electrical, sound, torque and vibration levels. The tools available to the laboratory are: a 32,000 m³/h aeraulic test bench built according to the AMCA 210-07 standard and a second 120,000 m³/h bench. Both benches are equipped with semi-anechoic chambers for sound level tests. The benches’ acquisition systems allow managing thousands of data for each test performed in order to be able to analyse the behaviour of the tested devices in detail. A staff of people highly qualified in research and development in the field of fluid dynamics generally deals with carrying out laboratory activities to perform tests on appliances, check their functioning and eventually increase their performance through new solutions.

VIP Air Empowerment is located in Paderno Dugnano (MI). More information:


TXH ATEX Series axial fans

The TXT Atex Series axial fans of VIP Air Empowerment are a new series of TXH axial fans with a vast range of models developed to provide a wide range of performance, with decidedly low prices. The TXH Series comes in the suction or pressing configuration, with a low-profile conveyor in unpainted aluminium, Exd IIC 2G T4 certified aluminium body and shield, adjustable with inverter, motor support in accident-prevention mesh painted with black RAL 9005 epoxy powders, six-blade aluminium impeller and galvanised steel spokes.

This fan can be used in extreme situations, including those with risk of explosion or corrosion.