The safety centrality in the NH3 management is clear to players and institutions

Ammonia: knowing the rules

Ammonia is a challenging refrigerating gas: high cooling performance but as high toxicity and flammability. It is considered the winning solution in many situations...


Eurovent launches new website

Eurovent is pleased to announce the launch of its new, redesigned website. It features an enhanced user experience with access to exclusive member resources,...

Exergyn sets new boundaries in solid-state refrigerant technology

With global surface temperatures soaring past highs not seen for millennia, the need for climate-friendly cooling has never been greater. Increasingly frequent events directly...

PFAS: explicit cautions and hidden doubts

Let us deal again with the matter that is playing a co-protagonist role with the Fgas Regulation in the field of the restrictions to...
Quando si parla di impatto sull’ambiente bisogna tenere conto anche delle emissioni indirette e del fine vita del prodotto?


On equal terms