The safety centrality in the NH3 management is clear to players and institutions

Ammonia: knowing the rules

Ammonia is a challenging refrigerating gas: high cooling performance but as high toxicity and flammability. It is considered the winning solution in many situations...


First Eurovent Recommendation on IEC Hybrid Units

Eurovent has published its first ever Recommendation on Hybrid Indirect Evaporative Cooling Equipment. The document was developed for the UNIDO Project and is now...

ECHA receives more than 5 600 comments on PFAS restriction proposal

At the end of the consultation on 25 September, ECHA had received more than 5 600 comments from more than 4 400 organisations, companies and...
Quando si parla di impatto sull’ambiente bisogna tenere conto anche delle emissioni indirette e del fine vita del prodotto?