Cisaplast Spa

Cisaplast's production of glass doors offers a wide range of solutions for its customers' most varied needs, all produced with the same philosophy: to ensure that the product on display is the only item featured

Cisaplast has been a reference brand for international refrigeration for almost sixty years.  Its frame-carrying systems for commercial refrigerated counters are installed on every continent, bringing comfort and efficiency to thousands of shops and used in the most varied conditions. Founded in 1962 by Walter Mantovani, it has now reached the third generation of management, confirming the Guiducci family’s ownership. The company successfully cut out an important space for itself already in its first years in the field of moulding plastic materials for the refrigeration industry

This experience, combined with its ability to work with aluminium and its knowledge of insulation techniques, allowed the company to reach its current position of solid leadership in its core business today: glass door production.
Today Cisaplast is a modern and efficient company which firmly believes in continuous research and attention to detail. The heart of Cisaplast is a strong and competent technical office capable of handling any type of market demand quickly and flexibly. This is a necessary condition that allows the company to always be a leader.

Cisaplast’s work takes place in a range of state-of-the-art work centres, efficient production lines in which only the best materials are used, an extensive distribution network and two production plants for a total of 7,000 square metres. Strong investments in research and innovation, a team of design engineers and highly skilled workers to design and test solutions to the problems posed by the major manufacturers all guarantee high professionalism and production flexibility as the resources that keep Cisaplast at the top. The headquarters of Cisaplast are located in Suzzara (MN).


Glass doors for all needs

Cisaplast has always chosen to put the focus of its activities on an extremely specific product: covering systems for commercial refrigeration, both vertical with glass doors and frames for cabinets and cells, and horizontal with island cover systems. It makes products suitable for low temperatures (up to -25 °C) or normal temperatures (up to 0 °C). This is a highly specialised market, where competence and reliability are essential. Cisaplast closure solutions combine good insulation with minimal visual impact, continuously succeeding in offering smaller profiles, increasing glazed surfaces, reducing cavities and studying more efficient solutions for the moment when the doors rotate.

The production of Cisaplast glass doors also includes a wide range of customised solutions for the most varied customer needs and offers closure solutions for special applications such as bottle coolers and vending machines, wine cellars, cryotherapy cells or test laboratories. The company always does everything with the same philosophy: offering all the advantages of a door without noticing its presence, so that the protagonist is always exclusively the product on display.