Frascold Spa

Founded in 1936, Frascold is an Italian company and leader in the development, production and sale of the compressors it markets worldwide for a wide variety of applications. The company has built its reputation and success on the international market thanks to its great ability to constantly improve its product and technologies while enhancing relations with customers

The promotion of long-term relationships based on the continuous development of innovative and sustainable technological solutions is the basis of Frascold’s relationship with its customers, and the company shares the benefits of its long experience gained in over 80 years and the skills acquired in the technologies of refrigeration, developing technologies and infrastructures with the aim of guaranteeing a suitable time-to-market for different needs.

The brand has been established in Europe for a long time and is successful worldwide for its demonstrated ability to pursue quality and innovation. Today Frascold is the third-largest manufacturer of semi-hermetic compressors in the world and builds more than 70,000 units a year in its Rescaldina plant (Milan). The Rescaldina plant is structured for the production of semi-hermetic compressors capable of satisfying about 25% of world demand. Each compressor produced is tested before leaving the factory and has a guaranteed standard two-year warranty.

For Frascold, quality in all its forms – product, processes, organisation, work environment, people and company climate – is an essential parameter. Aware that its main resource is its astimulating work environment that encourages cooperation and the trust of all. Lastly, its attention to the environment can be seen in the use of processes with lower consumption of natural resources and operating while seeking to continuously reduce its environmental impact.

Today the Frascold distribution network covers 86 countries and the company has branches in China, India and the United States. Frascold’s headquarters are in Rescaldina (MI). More information:


Frascold selection Software FSS.3

The new version 1.12 of the selection software FSS3 has been available since June 2019, offering many new features. The program is easy to use and provides accurate results, giving the operator all the elements necessary to:
– choose the compressor and condensing unit;
– have the table of performance data of the product selected;
– have the calculation of benefits considering project conditions.