The latest from CryoHub renewable energy storage project: a webinar

To find out about the opportunities, drivers and barriers to sustainability in cold stores you can join the CryoHub webinar with speakers who are international experts in the integration of sustainable working practices, energy system structures, policies and cold store efficiency.

This free webinar will be held as part of the IIR International Cold Chain Conference programme and is open to all.

Cryogenic Energy Storage for Renewable Refrigeration and Power Supply Webinar during International cold chain conference Wednesday 26 August from 03:00pm to 05:30 pm (CEST)

  • 15.00 Workshop opening Didier Coulomb, Institute International du Froid/International Institute of Refrigeration
  • 15.10 Introduction to CryoHub Judith Evans, CryoHub Project Coordinator, London South Bank University, UK
  • 15.25 Modelling of liquid air energy storage in refrigerated cold storage warehouses London South Bank University, UK
  • 15.40 Overview of CryoHub thermal storage technologies Denis Leducq, INRAE, France
  • 15.55 Energy management strategy to make CryoHub concept profitable Gabriel García Naved Cener, Spain
  • 16.10 Energy mapping and co-locating of large refrigerated food warehouses with renewable energy resources throughout Europe.  Kostadin Fikiin,Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 16.35 Drivers and barriers for next generation sustainability for cold stores (interactive session)  Carol Bond, Carbon Data   and Jonathan Radcliff Univesity of Birmingham
  • 17.20 Close – conclusions Didier Coulomb

To register: HERE