CAREL brings innovation and efficiency for printing technologies to drupa

CAREL will be in Düsseldorf from 28 May to 7 June for drupa 2024, the leading print and graphics show, presenting itsinnovative technologies and solutions for the sector.

The right humidity and temperature are fundamental elements in printing processes, yet are often underestimated or not adequately controlled. Printing in fact involves materials that are sensitive to variations in relative humidity, which can lead to dimensional deformations, loss of register and colour variations, resulting in poor quality of the printed product. CAREL will be bringing to drupa both its experience and it advanced solutions, including both adiabatic and isothermal humidification technologies to efficiently control printing processes and guarantee superior quality results.

In addition to humidity control equipment, CAREL will be presentingadvanced remote monitoring solutions to optimise process operating efficiency and guarantee reliable performance of the HVAC systems, through simplified access and local control of the devices, thus minimising downtime.

Furthermore, aware of the importance of heat recovery in industrial applications, not only to reduce energy costs, but also to improve the environmental impact of the processes, CAREL is committed to making printing processes more sustainable, with innovative and efficient heat exchangers that can recover energy at high temperatures in small spaces.

CAREL is excited to be at drupa 2024 and present its innovative solutions for the printing sector,” commented Enrico Boscaro, CAREL Group Marketing Manager – HVAC Industrial. “We are committed to offering our customers the most innovative technologies available to improve their productivity, reduce costs and meet the strictest environmental standards.”