MODINE: ECO-BATIC®, the groundbreaking line of gas coolers

MODINE presents ECO-BATIC®, a groundbreaking line of v-bank adiabatic gas coolers developed on a cutting-edge technological platform featuring an adiabatic system set to redefine industry standards.

With its “all-in-one” design, ECO-BATIC® streamlines installation with factory-assembled components, covering all conceivable applications while blending high performance with extreme compactness.

For the construction of this gas cooler range, Modine has handpicked only premium materials and components, including high-efficiency heat exchangers, state-of-the-art electronically commutated fan motors, and self-calibration solutions for seamless integrated electronic control.

For ECO-BATIC®, Modine has pioneered a series of innovative technical solutions, including adiabatic panel configuration and a water recovery system that minimizes waste, alongside an electronic control system for operational phases governed by our proprietary management software.

Harnessing its extensive expertise, the Company has pushed the boundaries of technology to new heights and meticulously optimized water and energy usage.

Choosing ECO-BATIC® means enhancing cooling system efficiency and this sets new benchmarks for environmental responsibility while delivering unprecedented gains.

Modine showcases its latest “ECO” branded products, including the FLAT BED COGAS COOLERS “KCE-S” and AIR COOLED CONDENSERS “KCE-K”. These models stem from the application of the 80/20 principles to development platforms, ensuring modules and product range optimization, performance enhancement, and noise level reduction, aiming to provide market solutions suitable for any installation in the shortest possible time.

Modine also introduced the INDUSTRIAL CO2 UNIT COOLERS range “CDC” with Ø800mm fan motors, an evaporator designed for large industrial COrefrigeration plants.

CDC is a machine built with Modine’s hallmark criteria: maximum efficiency, energy savings and durability.

Significant effort has also been dedicated to software updates! “SCELTE,” the historic program for selecting “ECO” branded products, has been enhanced with a new calculation routine dedicated to the selection of ECO-BATIC®, capable of predicting the amount of water required by the adiabatic system. SCELTE takes into account both project parameters and the climatic profile of installation locations worldwide, enabling accurate and sustainable system design.

SCELTE is available on the website

The innovative energy tool “ECO2CALC.” 

This innovative utility is tailor-made for designers, offering a comprehensive evaluation of all potential solutions for system layouts incorporating gas coolers. What sets ECO2CALC apart is its unique capability to implement climate-oriented design principles, accurately identifying the optimal solution based on both the specific type of refrigeration system and the climatic conditions of the installation site worldwide.

Modine believes ECO2CALC will revolutionize the approach to refrigeration system design