Nama Group Srl

Nama Group Srl operates in the world of refrigeration and air conditioning. The company has specialised in the import, storage and distribution of products for a long time, acting as an interface between producers and end users. The company imports top-quality components and renowned brands from international markets and distributes them on European markets.

Thanks to a dense network of distributors and agents and a large space in its Paderno Dugnano (MI) warehouse, Nama Group is able to respond to the needs of the individual customer with tailor-made logistics, particularly suitable for small and medium-sized companies. This makes Nama Group an important partner, especially in an ecosystem like the Italian one where many small and medium manufacturing or plant maintenance companies require a wide variety of components distributed throughout the country, but also efficiency, timeliness and reliable deliveries.

Nama Group Srl has always been founded on the principles of integrity, reliability and courtesy towards customers, to which its team of professionals offers tailor-made solutions designed to meet different needs. But its customer service not only excels for its broad, customised, streamlined offer: Nama also deals with training on new products and technologies, offering its customers courses and updates. Nama Group Srl is located in Paderno Dugnano (MI). More information:


A very extensive catalogue

The Nama Group catalogue is quite broad and includes first and foremost compressors, but also condensing units, vacuum and charge equipment, measuring instruments, tools, air conditioning accessories, components for car/bus air conditioning, off road, truck refrigerators. The products that NAMA Group Srl imports in Europe include high-efficiency scroll compressors for refrigerants R407, R410, R134a, R404, R407F produced by INVOTECH.

Furthermore, NAMA is Hitachi/Highly’s agent for Europe, offering rotary compressors for R134a and R410a, on/off and inverters, from 0.3 to 10kW; horizontal rotary compressors for air conditioning on vehicles for R410a and R407c. In the field of alternative refrigerants, NAMA offers Hitachi/Highly compressors for R744 with an evaporation working range between -20 °C and +25 °C, 4.5 Mpa evaporation pressure and 10 Mpa discharge pressure.