Gar Srl

Gar is an acronym for Giancarlo Antonini Refrigerazione, from the name of the founder. Gar is a still a family-run company, an important representative of Made in Italy refrigeration

Gar Srl has designed and produced components for refrigeration and air conditioning for domestic and foreign markets since 1994. Gar is the acronym for Giancarlo Antonini Refrigerazione, the founder of the company. The Antonini family still runs this representative company for Made in Italy refrigeration today. In these 25 years the company has successfully affirmed its position on the Italian market and expanded abroad while still maintaining the structure of a family-run business and having a very particular approach to the product: GAR designs, produces and assembles the components it sells, often developed in close contact with the customer.

The company belongs to the wealth of small and medium-sized enterprises that constitute the backbone of the Italian manufacturing industry. Its size makes it a smart company: it is agile, streamlined and flexible. Its response times are fast because the steps between ordering, production and delivery are very few and almost direct. The company staff is composed of motivated and dynamic people with proven experience in the sector, able to anticipate changes and promptly respond to market needs.

The effectiveness of its processes, competence of its staff and careful and systematic checks on all production guarantee the quality of its products and contribute to maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction. Lastly, Gar Srl is equipped with a Quality system that has obtained UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification and is an effective tool for achieving Total Quality in its management system.

The result? Companies that decide to rely on Gar Srl know they can count on a group of people that focuses on quality, respect for the environment and guaranteeing safety. The headquarters of Gar Srl are located in Settimo Milanese (MI). More information:


A large catalogue of components

The vast Gar catalogue includes filters, valves, oil separators, filler caps, liquid and humidity indicators, brass fittings. It has recently expanded its production of brass fittings (cylinder attachments) to include R32 and propane refrigerants, thus adapting them to new market demands shifting towards flammable refrigerants. Its characteristic: the 5/16 thread on the right and the screw on the left, in order to be able to distinguish flammable gases from others.

Its filter line includes the SOC-R series of inspectable oil separators that make maintenance easier and less wasteful. In fact, the separator no longer has to be removed from the system to replace the internal coalescent filter, only the upper flange must be removed and the filter slid upwards. All the particles that are harmful to the plant are deposited inside it. The body is in steel. The fittings are in copper. The internal filter is in pure borosilicate.