Cozzi Srl

The company Cozzi Srl was founded in 1978 thanks to the initiative of Ambrogio Cozzi. The company first worked in the field of footwear components. Following market demand, Cozzi Srl then began to produce thermoformed shells in expanded polyethylene capable of satisfying every request for coverage and insulation, from the smallest thermostatic valves to air conditioning and refrigeration systems

After just over forty years, today Cozzi Srl has established itself nationally and internationally as a specialist in industrial insulation, with products for temperature ranges from -63 °C to +140 °C.

The technological evolution of recent years has made plant systems available with increasingly higher solutions and performance, which considerably improve the level of comfort in environments and significantly reduce energy consumption. The latter is possible thanks to the use of innovative materials, such as the use of CL1 and M1 certified closed cell cross-linked expanded polyethylene.

Today, the production of Cozzi Srl covers all the refrigeration sectors, for which the company has established itself as the European leader in terms of product quality. The company has an internal workshop capable of making moulds and prototypes. This allows it to present samples to customers quickly. The headquarters of Cozzi Srl are located in Parabiago (MI). More information:


Certified insulation

Cozzi products are easy and quick to install, as they are “built” on the model of the piece to be insulated. DOUBLE-SIDED ADHESIVE or VELCRO are used for closure on request. They disperse less heat thanks to the properties of the material used: CL1 and M1 certified CLOSED CELL CROSS-LINKED EXPANDED POLYETHYLENE, also with anti-static and conductive properties. Cozzi products protect from atmospheric agents because the materials used are anti-UVA, scratch-proof and weatherproof for years. They are particularly useful against the formation of condensation and ice. They have Material certification Class 1 for reaction to fire, material certification to UV/B resistance and resist accelerated ageing on expanded polyethylene sheets according to the standards UNI EN ISO 11507:2007 and UNI EN 20105-A02:1996.