Shecco is proud to announce the release of the second part of the World GUIDE to Low-Charge Ammonia. The free report is released in three parts. The first part of the GUIDE focuses on the key features of ammonia (NH3) as a refrigerant and described the history of its use. Moreover it outlined the on-going efforts to define the term “low-charge ammonia”.
The second part outlines the variety of applications where low-charge ammonia technology is already in use today. In addition it gives an overview of key legislation regulating the use of ammonia and driving the uptake of low-charge systems in different parts of the world.

The third and final part, coming soon, will zoom in on the key trends for low-charge ammonia technology, its advantages, drivers and major challenges in today’s market. It will compare developments in different world regions, with focus on North America, Europe, Japan and Australia. Moreover, gathering data through analysis of survey, interviews with key experts it will outline the future opportunities and perspectives for low-charge NH3 systems.

The use of low-charge ammonia has emerged as one of the key trends in the industrial refrigeration industry in the last few years. Moreover, the technological developments have opened up opportunities for ammonia beyond its traditional market.

With this report shecco aims to identify the underlying trends for low-charge ammonia technology in different parts of the world.