Thermo King Gensets in Thornton Group’s Rental Offering Increase Transporters’ Operational Flexibility

Generator sets (gensets) from Thermo King®, a leader in transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, are now available as part of the rental offering from Thornton Group, Antwerp, Belgium based provider of a wide range of services to the refrigerated container industry.

The operational flexibility that comes with the offering is specifically important for transporters and customers moving temperature sensitive goods on sea and land seasonally that don’t require gensets to secure the cold chain integrity all year round.  Renting the equipment only for their seasonal shipments, customers can calculate their prices specifically for particular shipment projects and use their capital to invest in other areas.

«During land transportation of loaded refrigerated containers, especially in the summer months, it is recommended to use gensets to power the container for any journey over four hours. Even a one degree Celsius increase in temperature can lead to up four days of reduced shelf life and increase food waste rate significantly» said Gulsah Metinoz, sales manager for Europe, Middle East and Africa at Thermo King Marine. «The genset rental offering by Thornton makes this solution available for customers who don’t want to invest in hardware and prefer more operational flexibility».

«We pride ourselves as being a company that provides customers with innovative, high quality products and unequalled service. When it comes to shipping temperature sensitive cargo by sea and land, protection means everything and Thermo King gensets are a trusted source of power for refrigerated containers, as soon as it hits the road» said Caroline Degeyter, key account manager at Thornton. «Many of our customers were looking for alternative ways to investing capital in gensets and the rental option has been met with significant interest».

Unlike a traditional leasing company, Thornton leverages their product knowledge and expertise, taking the hussle of their customers’ and providing a full service from installation on the chassis or containers to service and maintenance of the units.

Thermo King gensets can easily be used as mobile power management solutions beyond marine or transport refrigeration applications and serve as reliable main or supplementary power source.