Vötsch receives three millionth product manufactured by BITZER Schkeuditz

In November 2019, Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH received the three millionth product manufactured by BITZER Schkeuditz and a corresponding certificate. From the left: Andreas Riesch, BITZER Director Sales Germany and Switzerland, with representatives from Vötsch at the Balingen site Peter Stooss, Manager Production Material, Jochen Urban, Head of Department Construction Special Modifications, Mario Hecht, Head of Production, Carsten Bräuer, Head of Development and Testing, and Thomas Jarck, Site Manager

The specialist for refrigeration and air conditioning technology BITZER produces at 16 locations worldwide. Now the BITZER plant in Schkeuditz near Leipzig manufactured its three millionth product (compressors and condensing units). The anniversary product was received by Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH, which uses it in one of its screening devices for environmental simulations.

 They have been business partners for over 20 years: Vötsch Industrietechnik, which belongs to the Weiss Technik Companies, and BITZER. BITZER has been manufacturing reciprocating compressors and condensing units at the Schkeuditz site for a similar period of time since 1991. In November 2019, local production broke the three-million barrier –  the anniversary product was received by Carsten Bräuer, Head of Development and Testing at Vötsch in Balingen, Germany. With Vötsch, Balingen is home to the competence center for standard test equipment of the Weiss Technik Companies.

Bräuer sums up: “We greatly appreciate BITZER as a supplier for compressors, condensers and oil separators. BITZER is our preferred supplier in this area. Products and support are equally reliable. In 2018, for example, we purchased around 1,000 products from BITZER for our German locations.”

Vötsch in Balingen develops and builds test systems for quality assurance in the field of environmental simulation. This is also where BITZER comes into play: Vötsch uses BITZER products for air conditioning applications in test rooms with temperature ranges from -10 °C to +95 °C and in temperature ranges from -80 °C to +180 °C.

In an ever faster changing world, it is necessary to have stable partners; partners who can rely on each other. For this reason, BITZER was our choice for an innovation partnership in the area of reciprocating compressors. Today we can look back on a very good decision from both the purchasing and the technical side. We have confirmed this with a quality assurance agreement concluded in 2013 and a supply agreement concluded in 2015,” explains Reiner Sauter, Global Director Procurement at Weiss Technik.

Andreas Riesch, Director Sales Germany and Switzerland at BITZER, confirms: “Vötsch is a very loyal and reliable companion for us. We greatly appreciate the trusting cooperation and can be sure that we will continue to accompany each other in the distant future.

The BITZER plant in Schkeuditz near Leipzig is one of the company’s largest locations and at the same time a competence centre for reciprocating compressors, which are manufactured together with condensing units on a total area of 19,000 m². BITZER Schkeuditz has over 750 employees and is the largest production plant in the district of Nordsachsen.