Sustainability in action: Frascold unveils the CO2-based TK HD series

In a scenario where environmental protection is increasingly an absolute priority, a leading player in developing, building and marketing semi-hermetic compressors for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, Frascold stands out for the development of innovative solutions striving for continuous improvement and meeting all the needs of the industry. A tangible commitment concretely pursued by unveiling the brand-new CO2 natural refrigerant-based TK HD series, a new heavy-duty sustainability frontier. The result of the company’s major investments in research and development, this solution offers high performance, variable and persistent workloads as well as long service life. Its superior energy efficiency, reliability and excellent performance make it the right choice for a wide range of applications including refrigeration, air conditioning, as well as high-temperature heat pumps up to 100°C.


Frascold delves into exploring innovation in each component, striving towards achieving maximum strength to ensure that its compressors can operate under harsh environmental conditions, that is constant round-the-clock workloads, at high temperatures and high delta P, while fully safeguarding the environment. 

For us – as a company – R&D is a constantly developing field. As a matter of fact, we – at Frascold – have always focused on using cutting edge and top quality materials, with the aim of building long service life compressors in terms of resistance to corrosion, heat dissipation and optimised lubrication. In this sense, by providing the new CO2-based TK HD series with anti-friction treatments and new surface finish, we – at Frascold – are able to reduce wear and extend the service life of compressors for superior performance constant over time. Reliability, resistance and duration also confirmed by the field test, ongoing externally for a year now. Furthermore, the option of fitting an inverter confers greater flexibility to the compressors, hence making them ideal to meet all the needs of the HVAC&R industry.


The result of an in-depth research, besides excelling for its top-level performance, the TK HD series also stands out for its unique silence. The optimisation of the internal components and the painstaking mechanical balancing has contributed to significantly reduce the noise level, with a sound pressure range at a distance of 1 metre comprised between 64.5 and 76 dB(A), equivalent to the volume of a conversation for smaller models, or to the road traffic for size Z[1]. Apart from improving the user experience, this trait is there to prove Frascold’s commitment to providing low environmental and sound impact solutions.

With two motor versions, the range comes with 4 sizes for a total of 34 models, with a range between 3 and 50 HP and volumetric displacements comprised between 1.9 and 37.9 m3/h at 50 Hz. Other than having been conceived to bear pressure up to 100 bars, it also offers utmost flexibility and compatibility with the existing systems , enabling to provide retrofit solutions.


CO2 offers countless benefits compared to conventional synthetic refrigerants: low global warming potential refrigerant fluid, it is readily available and non-inflammable, to the benefit of higher operating limits compared to propane gas. Furthermore, the use of CO2 contributes to enhancing plant efficiency: a significant opportunity to reduce environmental impact and promote a responsible management of energy resources, to foster a sustainable future.

Frascold’s TK HD series is ideal for intensive and continuous round-the-clock workloads, like those required in industrial and trade industries.

[1]Valle d’Aosta Regional Environmental Protection Agency: