Hudson Warns Against Non-Compliant Recovery Cylinders

How to identify these counterfeit cylinders

Hudson Technologies warns against non-compliant recovery cylinders that have recently entered the US market. These cylinders are illegal and unsafe. Hudson Technologies says, it CAN NOT and WILL NOT accept these cylinders. Shipments that include counterfeit cylinders will be REFUSED. Company raccomandation is: do not purchase, use, or transport counterfeit cylinders.

Here are ways to identify these counterfeit cylinders: These illegal cylinders have been marketed under the following names: Olenyer, Fahkns, Vevor

The cylinder sizes are 30 and 50 lb. cylinders. However, these counterfeit cylinders are smaller than DOT-compliant 30 and 50 lb. cylinders. These cylinders are not manufactured to US Department of Transportation (DOT) specifications. DOT Markings are missing from steel collar.

  • No date of manufacture
  • No serial number

Inadequate protection from steel collar

  • Valve outside collar 
  • Protective collar shorter than vapor and liquid valve