Thermo-King RTR_Advancer
Thermo King®, a leader in transport temperature control solutions and a brand of Trane Technologies, announced today that the first trailer featuring the new Advancer-e engineless and electric trailer refrigeration unit started operations in the Netherlands. The trailer is part of Refrigerated Trailer Rentals Holland (RTR)fleet and is operated by Dailycool, a company specialising in transport and logistics services of meat, vegetables and fruit products.

RTR is headquartered in the Netherlands and offers short and long-term rental of fully spec’d refrigerated trailers to customers in Benelux, Germany and the United Kingdom. Already operating a large fleet of Thermo King Advancer A-Series refrigerated trailers, RTR is committed to offering their clients the most efficient and sustainable solutions available on the market.

“Going full-electric and adding new technology that future-proofs our fleet without compromising on cooling strength and operational efficiency was something we didn’t have to think twice about,” said Wilbert de Graaff owner of RTR.We want to have the best, most efficient and environmentally friendly products, service and support there is in the market, and make it available for our clients. We knew we need to have the new Advancer-e in our fleet the moment Thermo King introduced it. And this is just a first step in a longer journey for us.

Advancer-e was designed to accelerate the realization of carbon neutral trailer fleets. It incorporates an engineless and electric architecture with all the features that make the Advancer units the most efficient trailer refrigeration systems in the market,” said Colm O’Grady, trailer product leader at Thermo King.It is uplifting to see the new technology adopted by companies striving to make a change and lead the industry towards electrification and more sustainable forms of transport.

The new electric Advancer-e unit in RTR fleet is powered by the Thermo King Energ-e Pack (battery and power management system), while the refrigeration unit has been designed to be power-agnostic and compatible with all major engine-alternative power sources including the Thermo King AxlePower, Frigoblock’s alternator and inverter technology, as well as shore-power when stationed at the depot.

With its fully electric architecture, one Advancer-e unit can reduce a trailer fleet’s carbon footprint by up to 10 tonnes of CO2 per year. Advancer-e is compatible with any tractor for inner-city deliveries or for long-haul assignments ensuring no direct emissions, whisper quiet operation and fewer moving parts that mean lower overall maintenance requirements and cost. The flexibility of the Advancer-e enables transport companies to be more than a step ahead of changing low-emission legislation. Combined with the same A-Series controller and intuitive telematics, the Advancer-e delivers sustainability advantages and temperature control efficiency – top strategic priorities for many transport companies making the move toward full electrification.

All Thermo King Advancer units are manufactured in the Thermo King’s state-of-the art and carbon neutral (ISO 14064-1) production line in Galway, Ireland.