Midea at ISH Frankfurt 2023 with its Latest Water and Space Heating Solutions

Midea and its latest water and space heating solutions

Midea Group (“Midea”) has showcased its innovations for green lifestyles at the ISH Frankfurt 2023.

Midea Building Technology Division introduced a wide range of products covering R290 ATW Heat Pump, carbon-neutral ATW Heat Pump, Midea Kong Energy Solution, and Atom T. With R290 refrigerant GWP=3, R290 ATW Heat Pump is A+++ energy efficiency and capable of delivering a maximum outlet water temperature of 75°C.

Stephen Meng, Dean of MBT Research Institute launched Carbon Neutral ATW Heat Pump. He mentioned MBT first Carbon Neutral Heat Pump units( M thermal Mono 4, 6, 8, 10kw), which certified Carbon Neutrality Commitment by TUV, will be firstly launched at German Market that realize 0% CO2 emission on production, distribution phase, installation phase.

Midea Energy Solution, providing one-stop energy management that including PV, Energy Storage, ATW Heat Pump, and Flexibility. Among the newest solutions that made a global debut at ISH also included Atom T, a hybrid innovation of VRF&ATW heat pump that comes with variety of applications to meet the diverse needs of global customers.

Midea Kitchen and Water Heater Appliance Division demonstrated how its whole-house water supply solutions empower homeowners to manage their water needs with greater efficiency and sustainability while reducing energy bills. Covering central heating, bathroom facilities, and drinking water, the new product line-ups alongside the introduction of multiple innovative green features promise a safe, comfortable, and low-carbon smart home experience.

Taking the central stage is its Electric Water Heater in Solar System, a low-cost and energy-saving water heating solution that can be connected to photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage systems with multiple connection options. Another Midea signature product is the R290 Heat Pump Water Heater, which features the eco-friendly refrigerant R290 and provides an A+ level of energy efficiency. The wall-mounted hybrid heat pump is also easy to install, making it a great choice for those seeking a simple solution to trim down their electricity costs and carbon footprint.

Under the banner “A One-Stop Air Solution All Year Round“, the new multi-split system integrated with heat recovery technology – CirQHP has made a global debut at the exhibition. Ingeniously designed by Midea Residential Air Conditional Division, CirQHP is a single outdoor unit that supports up to four indoor units including a water-heating device, air-conditioner, and space-heating facility, streamlining homeowners’ split system set-up while ensuring all-year hot water supply with no extra expenses.

During the sweltering summer months when the air-conditioner operates for prolonged periods, the system recycles the energy used for powering the in-door climate control devices to heat up water, significantly reducing the use of electricity for domestic hot water. The system is available in two options, one outfitted with a coil water tank designed for families prioritizing hot water supply and the other one equipped with a hydro unit making both space and water heating cheaper and greener.