Round Flow CO2, the Daikin unit that can be integrated into Conveni-Pack CO2

The new Daikin CO2 Round Flow cassette, the cooling / heating unit compatible with Daikin’s CO2 Conveni-Pack system, will be launched in January 2022.

According to the Company, this solution “combines good looks and advanced technology to meet modern supermarkets needs. The wide choice of decorative panels allows this component to adapt to the most disparate designs in stores, while the adjustable height settings offer unlimited flexibility to suit all store sizes and layouts“.

Further: “Intelligent sensors and 360˚ airflow, with large flaps and a unique swing pattern, ensure equal air distribution for maximum comfort. Auto-cleaning panels maintain dust-free operation for optimized performance and energy savings”.

Daikin’s CO2 Conveni-Pack system, into which Round Flow can be integrated, was developed and tested in the context of a LIFE project initiated by Daikin in January 2020 and co-funded by the European Union.

The project – Natural HVACR 4 LIFE – is coordinated by Daikin Europe N.V in collaboration with Daikin Air Conditioning Germany GmbH and Daikin AC Spain. Objective: to demonstrate and evaluate “Conveni-Pack”, a combined solution of refrigeration, air conditioning and heating, pre-assembled and easy to install. The unit recovers the heat from the refrigerated cabinets and evaporators and reuses it to heat other areas of the building at no additional cost. Conveni-Pack uses R744 (CO2) as a refrigerant and the project has studied the design features that improve the performance of this working fluid.

At the Daikin Europe plant in Ostend in Belgium, the first prototype was tested in a simulated convenience store, followed by demonstration and monitoring of the prototypes in real supermarkets in Germany and Spain. The project is expected to last approximately 3 years.