First FREOR installations at the Aziza discount chain in Tunisia


The Société Aziza de Commerce de Détail discount supermarket chain is expanding rapidly in Tunisia, eager to be ever nearer to its customers.

With the goal of offering quality products at the best prices, the chain strives to avoid any unnecessary expenses. That is why, in choosing refrigeration equipment, they looked for quality and longevity to avoid failures and the added costs they imply.

They chose FREOR, which has equipped more than 40 stores across Tunisia with its commercial refrigeration equipment in recent years. Delighted by that show of trust, FREOR looks forward to more collaborations.

Commercial refrigeration equipment for discount stores

The Aziza chain tries to make shopping as easy as possible for its customers by designing the layouts of its supermarkets for a simple, smart circuit. They also pay attention to the convenience of the cooling equipment used.

For its discount stores, where product ranges change often, the chain wanted cooling equipment that would be suitable for any merchandise.

FREOR’s JUPITER series of multidecks is just such an ideal solution for any store and any range of products. These refrigerated cabinets have a large capacity with excellent product presentation and visibility, thus making it easier to shop. JUPITER multidecks are multiplex devices available in different depths and heights. They can be connected into rows to form longer lengths or islands.

Cooling equipment for fresh meat products

For its stores, Aziza also selected the RHEA S serve-over counter for fresh meat products with additional refrigerated storage capacity and extra storage space for non-perishable products. Its large display area offers the freedom to place a lot of merchandise, eliminating the need for additional equipment – which saves on the sales area. The counter has a wide range of accessories which can be added at customers’ request.