Rittal: cooling units, efficient in all weathers

With its new wall-mounted cooling unit Blue e+ outdoor, Rittal is now making its highly efficient series of cooling units ready for use out in the open. Along with energy savings that average 75 per cent, the new units also feature an enclosure that is protected against vandalism and offering a high protection category. This assures safe operation, even under the harshest conditions. Together with the Rittal Toptec series of outdoor enclosures, they form an intelligent and perfectly coordinated modular system that simplifies any configuration.

Electrotechnical systems, like those used in mobile communications or the electromobility charging infrastructure, are installed outside enclosed structures, it poses challenges for the enclosure and cooling technology. The reason for this is that enclosures and cooling units need to have a high protection category, be resistant to UV radiation and significant temperature fluctuations, and protect against vandalism.

Extremely robust: The new wall-mounted cooling units Blue e+ outdoor are an ideal solution in harsh ambient conditions. A UV-resistant coating, the high protection categories of IP56 or NEMA 4/3R/12 and a wide temperature range from -30 °C to +60 °C all help ensure safe operation and increased durability in outdoor applications.

Really efficient: The cooling units’ Blue e+ technology – with integrated heat-pipe – ensures a high level of energy efficiency. Compared to conventional cooling solutions, average energy savings of 75 per cent can be achieved. The CO2 footprint is also much lower. In addition, the availability of Blue e+ cooling units is setting new standards. Connection via an IoT interface enables comfortable remote monitoring, which is especially interesting for monitoring large-scale, distributed systems. For example, it is possible to monitor temperatures and other parameters continuously while sending automatic notifications in the event of a malfunction. In this way, we can largely avoid unplanned downtimes and system failures, so reducing ancillary costs. Thanks to the Rittal worldwide service network and the availability of its spare parts, users can rely on the climate control solution anytime and anywhere.

Simple installation: Together with the Rittal Toptec outdoor enclosures, the new cooling units form a smart modular system in which the enclosure and cooling unit are perfectly coordinated. The enclosures are of a twin-walled design and so have a high passive heat dissipation power (“chimney effect”). This reduces warming up inside due to solar radiation, and so cuts the amount of energy that the cooling unit needs. Plant constructors benefit from the uniform design of the enclosure and cooling unit, as well as from the quick and easy installation. International approvals and the units’ integrated multi-voltage capability also make it easier to use them overseas.

The new Rittal wall-mounted cooling units Blue e+ outdoor are deployed wherever enclosures are used for outdoor electrical installations. Typical examples include mobile telephony installations, water and wastewater systems and energy infrastructure.