A busy year

It may seem obvious to title these reflections in this way. But the concept is much less trivial than it might seem. I could have called it “A difficult year”, but I would have sent the message that 2021 will be a critical, painful year, full of inconveniences. On the contrary, “challenging” means that it will be a year that will require commitment, the use of all one’s strength and ability to achieve the result.

The refrigeration sector has amply demonstrated that it has been able to react to the pandemic and, in many respects, that it has not suffered excessive repercussions. Of course, also because the Cold has proved more strategic than ever in the past 2020 in contexts such as food and pharmaceuticals, and beyond.

Global vaccination now needs to be addressed to eradicate Covid-19, and Refrigeration is once again at the forefront of creating the conditions for the vaccine to be stored in adequate terms. Undoubtedly, a context of “lights and shadows” emerges, but not to be attributed to technologies and skills, as to an unsustainable organizational delay that does not depend on the sector. Immediately, as soon as the problem of how to manage the various anti-Covid vaccines arose, the cold sector made all possible technical solutions available to Research.

The supply chain, as usual, has shown a proactive attitude and a capacity to react in the supply chain which tells us once again that Italy is at the forefront of innovation in our market.

Massimo Moscati