New Thermocold Airtop Compact Rooftops with R454B Refrigerant and Inverter Technology

Thermocold, an Italian manufacturer with long experience in providing solutions for air conditioning in residential, commercial and industrial applications, introduced today the new Airtop rooftop models, expanding its rooftop air-to-air heat pump portfolio. The Airtop rooftop range feature low global warming potential (GWP) R-454B refrigerant and variable speed compressors to deliver the performance and sustainability required by small to medium commercial and process applications.

At Thermocold, we are fully committed to reducing carbon footprint of the HVAC systems. By introducing the new rooftops with low-GWP refrigerant and Thermocold’s variable speed technology, we can substantially contribute to our customers sustainability goals,” said Giovanni Renna, General manager of Thermocold. “The compact design and multifunctional capabilities of the rooftops make them particularly suitable for buildings in urban areas, where space is usually a constraint. The capability to deliver both cooling and heating makes them also a particularly business-sound and sustainable alternative for fossil-fueled heating.”

The Airtop portfolio compiles outdoor plug-and-play, all-in-one cooling, heating and ventilation units designed to save installers’ time and reduce first and ongoing maintenance costs. The newAirtop models with R-454B are available in capacities between 16 and 39kW in cooling and 14-36kW in heating and offer proven performance with lower environmental footprint.

Thanks to the variable speed drive technology, the Airtop rooftops deliver improved part load efficiency and adapt seamlessly to the building’s demand. This contributes to reduced energy consumption, tighter temperature control and better comfort for the occupants of retail facilities or restaurants. The rooftops are also adequate for storage areas and warehouses, providing a stable indoor environment.

To further increase sustainability of the buildings’ operations, Thermocold Airtop rooftops come with additional energy-saving features like adaptive airflow with variable speed fans, free cooling and heat recovery of exhaust air.

The low GWP R-454B refrigerant, offered by Thermocold across its entire portfolio of scroll compressor chillers, heat pumps, multi-pipe units and rooftops is a sustainable solution with GWP level of 467. The GWP is the lowest among the refrigerants available today for scroll compressor technology. R-454B offers 76% reduction in direct GWP impact against R-410A and 34% reduction against R-32 refrigerant. This answers customers’ need for a sustainable, highly efficient refrigerant option that future proofs their investment and mitigates the increasing tax rates put on refrigerants across Europe.