Emerson’s Climate Technologies Business to Showcase Copeland Retail Solutions Expertise at EuroShop 2023

Emerson’s Climate Technologies business will feature its comprehensive offering of integrated retail solutions for commercial refrigeration, heating, and cooling, including compressors, electronics and valves at EuroShop 2023. With a clear focus on natural refrigerants, digitalization and IoT, this market-driven portfolio helps customers reduce their ecological footprint and meet regulatory requirements while helping ensure food safety.

Copeland Technologies for Sustainable Refrigeration in Food Retail and Food Service

The commercial refrigeration portfolio is tailored to different store formats and includes sustainable solutions for centralized and decentralized refrigeration architectures and integral display cases.

Commercial Refrigeration with CO2

CO2 can now be used easily and is cost-efficient in all climates. With its innovative CO2 scroll technology integrated into a solution for transcritical booster systems and into refrigeration units, the Copeland portfolio serves centralized and decentralized systems for various store formats from 600 to 2,500 square meters.

  • Copeland CO2 refrigeration units for decentralized refrigeration systems

The newly launched Copeland CO2 refrigeration units for small and medium applications feature a modular design with a detachable gas cooler and a smart control concept with pre-configured parameters for fast plug-and-play commissioning. The modular design enables different ways of installation and is the perfect choice for urban environments and retailers expanding their shops’ refrigeration capacity where space is limited.

  • Copeland CO2 scroll compressor solution for centralized refrigeration systems

The Copeland CO2 scroll compressor solution for booster systems serves medium-temperature, low-temperature, cooling and heating needs for shops from 600 to 2,500 square meters. Irrespective of the climate zone, the booster system’s complexity and applied cost is significantly reduced thanks to the Dynamic Vapor Injection (DVI) technology and the smart control concept integrated in the CO2 scroll solution.

  • Electronic controls

Besides the compressor technology offering, Emerson will also display a broad portfolio of electronic controllers to optimize compressor packs, units, and display cases. All these controllers are integrated inside a smart environment – the Dixell XeCO2 system – a complete solution for the retail industry to help optimize the efficient management of CO2plants. The XeCO2 system includes a wide range of high-efficiency controllers connected and monitored over one platform.

Commercial Refrigeration with Propane

To provide customers with the best possible refrigerant choice for their application needs, Emerson will also exhibit its Copeland R290 horizontal scroll solution for single-circuit integral display cases using the natural refrigerant R290 with a refrigerant charge of up to 500g.

The 500g refrigerant charge allows for the construction of open- and closed-door cabinets up to 3.75 meters with a single circuit simplifying cabinet design. The Copeland R290 solution is designed with a horizontal scroll compressor allowing for a compact installation at the top or bottom of the cabinet. Equipped with high-efficiency brushless permanent magnet (BPM) variable speed motors and parametric controllers, the solution enables optimal cabinet management with precise case temperature control. This is important for optimizing food quality and provides significant energy savings of up to 19 percent compared to fixed-speed scroll solutions for multiple circuit applications.

Commercial Refrigeration with A2L for Food Service Applications

Emerson’s Copeland solutions for A2L refrigerants complete the sustainable refrigeration offering for multiple food retail and service applications. At EuroShop, Emerson will feature a Copeland ZX refrigeration unit with electronic controllers. The unit will be available for medium- and low-temperature applications for standard and digital capacity modulation.

HVAC Solutions for Decarbonized Store Heating and Cooling

Emerson’s new generation of Copeland R290 scroll compressors for commercial comfort applications offer retailers a sustainable and efficient option for their stores’ space cooling and heating. Integrating these compressors with electronics and controls into a solution optimized for reversible units and heat pumps retailers can further comply with F-Gas regulations while ensuring best-in-class energy efficiency year-round.

Connectivity and Cloud-Based Enterprise Solutions

Data from sensors, field devices and control systems are increasingly used to build value-added cloud-based applications and connected services. At EuroShop, Emerson will present its cloud-based capabilities for data management in food retail, enabling entire ecosystems for data analytics in medium to large retail enterprises and in food service for small stores.

Learn more about Emerson integrated retail solutions at EuroShop from 26th February to 2nd March in Düsseldorf at the Emerson booth E56 in hall 16.