New IIR Informatory Note: Low-GWP Refrigerants: Status and Outlook

The IIR has just published a new Informatory Note “Low-GWP Refrigerants: Status and Outlook“ prepared by Piotr A. Domanski (former President of the IIR Science and Technology Council) and Samuel F. Yana Motta (ORNL Building Technologies Deputy Program Manager).

At the outset of mechanical refrigeration, refrigerant selection was based on satisfying two main requirements: performance and material compatibility. Then, safety – including flammability and toxicity – as well as environmental protection became essential selection criteria, to which must be added the cost of the refrigerant.

This Informatory Note outlines the requirements and options available for low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerants for eight refrigeration applications. It also presents performance simulation results obtained using an advanced simulation model with the latest known refrigerant properties.

In addition, a series of recommendations in terms of refrigerant selection criteria, research to be carried out and training of personnel in handling flammable refrigerants are presented. Finally, the methods for estimating the performance of refrigerants and the discussed refrigerant blends and their compositions are detailed in two annexes.

A Summary for policymakers outlining the main conclusions and recommendations of this Informatory Note is available HERE in open access.