ICS Cool Energy Introduces ICS Protect Agreements, New Service Programmes for Temperature Control Equipment

ICS Cool Energy, an international market leader specializing in complete temperature control solutions for manufacturing process and facilities applications, introduced ICS Protect Agreements, new extended and enhanced service plans offering for its i-Chiller range and other temperature control equipment.

The new ICS Protect Agreements offer three levels of coverage including preventive maintenance plans, delivering partial to fully comprehensive solutions. This approach allows customers to choose a package that is tailored to their applications and business needs, and ensure the temperature control equipment receives regular inspection, preventive maintenance, and proper calibration minimising the risks of equipment failures.

The longer the plan, the better the saving potential and reduction of downtime.  In the case of the i-Chiller range of process-designed chillers, the ICS Protect offers customers the option to continue protecting their investment beyond the market leading 5-year parts and labour warranty coverage.

«Facility managers understand their organisation’s dependence on the process temperature control systems to ensure continued manufacturing and business operations. Equipment that is improperly maintained can fail to provide the required level of efficiency» said Dave Palmer, general manager of ICS Cool Energy in the UK and Ireland.

«We have designed the ICS Protect Agreements to provide our customers with operating efficiency, prolong their system’s life and simply help them cut costs. Keeping the equipment in optimal shape minimises the energy consumption, helps limit downtime and eliminate operating losses. These are critical factors that all manufacturers pay attention to, and with ICS Protect Agreements we can ensure the constant performance of the equipment with no hassle for the customer» continued Palmer.  

With ICS Protect Agreements customers can choose their level of coverage from Bronze, Silver and Gold packages offering different configurations of Individual Parts, All Parts, and Parts and Labour.  Every level comes with complete market leading preventative maintenance visits (two per annum) and individual asset fluid analysis. 

«With an ICS Protect Agreement, besides gaining priority response, proactive maintenance and parts coverage, our customers can decrease their administration-related expenses as well as in-house labour and outside maintenance expenses to save up to 25% in operating costs. The longer the agreement term, the larger the savings, leaving it up to ICS Cool Energy to support the aging equipment» concluded Palmer.

The ICS Protect agreement covers equipment up to 10 years of age. ICS Cool Energy is headquartered in Southampton within 100,000 square feet of warehouse, office and yard space facilitating new stock storage and engineering spaces for service operations. The central location is backed up by the depot in Bradford and regional offices in London, Birmingham, Glasgow and Dublin, as well as by over 70 mobile service engineers with van stock, to ensure customer support and service across the U.K and Ireland.