NevadaNano Launches New A2L Refrigerant Gas Sensors

Credits: NevadaNano

 NevadaNano recently announced the release of the MPS™ A2L Refrigerant Gas Sensors, available in two packaging options. The A2L IS is safety certified and hardened for industrial applications; the A2L Mini has the same performance specs of its bigger brother but is specifically engineered for residential applications. Due to emerging state regulations requiring a phase down of HFCs, more states are requiring constant and accurate monitoring of flammable A2L refrigerant systems. NevadaNano’s MPS A2L sensors are available now and meet the proposed UL and ASHRAE requirements.

Thanks to their accuracy and long-term stability, MPS A2L sensors deliver a lower cost of ownership than traditional catalytic bead and NDIR type sensors. The MPS A2L sensors have best-in-class performance in challenging HVAC environments, preventing “false positive” alarms that create costly service calls and upset customers. The MPS Sensors will not “poison” or stop working when exposed to common household and industrial chemicals. More importantly, workers and homeowners can count on the fast, accurate, and reliable performance of the sensors to continuously ensure safer environments.

NevadaNano’s detection technology is the first new approach to flammable gas detection in over 40 years. The sensors’ innovative technology brings enhanced reliability and performance to gas detection in HVAC systems, industrial safety, oil and gas processing, valve and gasket monitoring, mining, and public safety, among other applications.

NevadaNano’s full line of sensors will be on display and available to demo at the AHR Expo in Orlando February 3-5, 2020 at Booth #1474. For more information, visit