Locotranssped Enhances Partnership with Thermo King through ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring

Locotranssped, a logistics company specialising in intermodal and road transport, introduced ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring service from Thermo King®, a leader in transport temperature control solutions and a brand of Trane Technologies, as a testament to continual enhancement of their intermodal logistics offering. 

Established in 2011, Locotranssped is a family-owned company based in Poland, operating in 28 European countries, and providing rail options in transport and logistics. From the start, to meet the specific needs of transporting temperature sensitive products, Locotranssped has worked closely with Thermo King leveraging its refrigeration technology and service for both intermodal and road transport services.

Catering to the agriculture market, including commodities such as sweets, food, and vegetables, Locotranssped has recognized the industry’s evolving demands for efficiency and sustainability, and pivoted towards intermodal transport. In 2022 Locotranssped launched a rail service with their own wagons from Łódź, Poland to Rotterdam, the Netherlands, reducing the transit time to an impressive 22 hours. The rail connection is part of the door-to-door service from Poland to UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal. This service not only proved faster than road transport but also scores highly in minimizing environmental impact. At the same time, to continue enhancing the logistics experience for its clients and maximise uptime and cargo protection, Locotranssped added the new ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring service to its offering.

ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring leverages Thermo King TracKing connectivity technology, which enables greater visibility, remote monitoring and two-way communication with the refrigeration units. This central monitoring solution from Thermo King combines real-time monitoring of the refrigerated fleet, remote-diagnosis and proactive support performed around the clock by experts of the Thermo King Uptime Centre.

“With ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring we can count on Thermo King experts to monitor the refrigeration systems and the temperature in our containers. In case of any urgency that may affect the cargo, they take action and fix the problem remotely, or keep us informed and provide with a solution at the nearest service station,” said Piotr Wilczkowiak, director of business development at Locotranssped. “With 24/7 monitoring, our clients gain unparalleled visibility, instilling trust in Locotranssped’s commitment to ensuring the safety and security of their cargo. This transparency, particularly regarding temperature-sensitive products, is a game-changer in intermodal transport and allows us to differentiate our company in the market.”

“Every time our customers carry a temperature sensitive load, their business carries a risk that if equipment failure goes undetected it can mean losing the cargo. And losing a load can mean losing a hard-won reputation,” said Alain van Schaik, Intermodal manager at Thermo King. “With the ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring we’re significantly easing this burden for our customers. We will not only monitor the transport refrigeration units around the clock, but also respond to every issue, arrange support for resolution and provide detailed reporting to meet the most stringent regulatory requirements.”

Every identified issue triggers Thermo King Uptime Center to resolve the problem remotely, using TracKing two-way communication. If the situation requires intervention by a technician, customers receive immediate notification and directions to the nearest Thermo King Dealer and service station.

“Thermo King’s groundbreaking support capability was evidenced to us during two recent incidents,” said Piotr Wilczkowiak. “One occasion involved an ice cream cargo transported at -22°C set point.  Thermo King team remotely diagnosed and fixed the unit while the unit was in Portugal. Another malfunction was solved by a weekend callout and timely, on-site repair of the unit by Thermo King local service team. In both cases the ThermoKare 24/7 Fleet Monitoring proved invaluable, saving our cargo and helping us avoid potential financial losses.”