CAREL solutions@MCE 2024: a sustainable future for HVAC/R systems

At MCE 2024, CAREL will be presenting solutions with specific focus on energy efficiency, sustainability and indoor air quality. All CAREL’s solutions will be exhibited at stand A31-B42, hall 11, offering visitors the opportunity to discover the latest HVAC/R innovations for smart system management and reduced environmental impact. The European Green Deal has defined a very clear path to decarbonisation, with buildings playing a crucial role and HVAC systems representing the main area where action can be taken to achieve this objective.

In commercial buildings, together with energy saving, indoor air quality and healthy indoor environments are also essential. The solutions for rooftops,air handling units and heat recovery units fit perfectly into this scenario.Recuperator’s EXSTREAM heat recovery unit ensures high efficiency and low pressure drop in compact spaces, making it ideal for indirect evaporative cooling. Adiabatic humidification is represented at MCE by humiFog, a humidifier with low energy consumption and compliant with the hygiene standards defined by VDI6022, as well as the µAria and k.AIR ready-to-use control solutions for managing the systems with the highest performance.

Renovating existing buildings and promoting sustainable building practices means implementing indoor air quality and energy management systems for precise and optimised energy management. CAREL offers the RED optimise platform for cloud services, designed for the control and monitoring of HVAC/R systems. This solution simplifies management of centralised cumulative data, with the aim of maximising energy efficiency.

In the residential sector, CAREL offers high efficiency components for the optimal management of heat pump refrigerant circuits, in compliance with the latest environmental regulations and favouring the use of natural and low-GWP gases. The A3 Ready range offers solutions for optimal indoor air quality and high energy savings.

For the industrial sector, in response to environmental challenges, CAREL will be presenting the new μChiller Process, an innovative solution for process chillers that is compatible with low GWP gases, guaranteeing efficiency, safety and compliance with the latest regulations. The small but important contribution that the Group wants to make to support the fight against climate change comes from our continuous research into advanced solutions for precise temperature and humidity control, integrating heat recovery to reduce energy consumption in different production sectors. Highly-efficient technologies and services for installation and maintenance support aim to reduce environmental impact and improve production capacity, with solutions proposed by the CAREL ecosystem: Recuperator, Enginia, CRC, Klingenburg, HygroMatik.


Hall 11, stand A31-B42

Milano Rho exhibition centre

12 – 15 March 2024