Credits: Krone

Krone, one of Europe’s largest trailer manufacturer, has started a global strategic partnership with Shippeo, the European leader in real-time transportation visibility solutions, to collaborate on real-time data-integrated services for Krone Telematics customers.

The new collaboration makes Krone the first trailer manufacturer to provide real-time ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) predictions for superior fleet management capabilities within their own trailer management solution Krone Telematics. Customers will gain access to the most accurate and reliable ETA for shipment deliveries on the market, powered by Shippeo’s proprietary machine learning algorithm which references over 200 data parameters. “There’s a growing demand for trailers with built-in ETA prediction capabilities to manage transportation more effectively” says Krone COO Dr. Stefan Binnewies, adding “Krone trailers are state of the art and now we’re adding more world-class connected services to our portfolio. Our trailers will be prepared for the digital requirements of the shipper. We want to offer the leading solutions in the market and Shippeo’s ETA is the most accurate and reliable available.

Shippeo plans to integrate Krone Telematics temperature monitoring data on its real-time visibility platform, allowing all active users to monitor both delivery status and shipment integrity in real-time and all from one portal. “Today many logistics companies still rely on a paper-based system where drivers have to verify that cold chain shipments have met stringent regulation” says Shippeo COO Lucien Besse, “but with real-time temperature monitoring, customer defined clients are notified as soon as temperature starts to change. This allows potential breaches of maximum temperatures to be avoided and enables electronic delivery documentation.