Introduction to brewery cold block design – A webinar

On October, 7th Alfa Laval will organize a free webinar titled “Introduction to brewery cold block design”. In this free webinar attendees will learn about:

  • A cold block design journey, a customer case
  • Risk of potential issues and traceability vs level of automation in the cold block
  • From engineered components through value creation to engineered systems, the importance of looking at the brewery as one-value engineering

About the speakers:

Alexander Stogniy holds a master’s degree from Moscow State University of Food Technology. He started his career working at a brewery in Saint Petersburg and then continued in Alfa Laval. Now Alexander is a Global Sales Manager in Brewery Systems with 15 years’ experience in Alfa Laval and 18 years in the brewing industry. He is responsible for Brewery Systems business development worldwide.

Denis Martin received his engineering degree in Fermentation and Brewery Industries in Belgium and has more than 10 years’ experience within the brewing industry. His work at Alfa Laval is focused on the craft brewing market – adapting and developing products to fit the needs of craft brewers.

Registration here