At Chillventa e-special Embraco brings new solutions for food retail and food service applications

Embraco, a global provider of technology for the complete domestic and commercial cold chain, and part of the Nidec Global Appliance portfolio of brands, will present at Chillventa eSpecial, from October 13th to 15th, its new solutions for food retail and food service applications, including compressors and condensing units (CDU). This year the trade show will be digital, due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Our presence in the event has been fully adapted to the new format. Our experts will be online to interact with people wherever they are and to present our innovative solutions for any application in commercial refrigeration”, says Gilmar Pirovano, Business Senior Manager at Nidec Global Appliance, responsible for Embraco commercial products portfolio in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region.

CDUs portfolio launch

One of the novelties that will be presented in Chillventa this year is a new portfolio of highly-efficient unhoused CDUs powered by Scroll compressors, offering higher cooling capacity and extending the existing range from 2.5 Kw to 5Kw, ready to comply with new European energy efficiency regulations. “This solution is a very affordable option for remote systems, serving applications such as cold rooms, milk tanks, reach in cabinets and others”, explains Alessandro Pedrazzi, Business Senior Manager at Nidec Global Appliance, where he is responsible for the Embraco aftermarket portfolio for EMEA region. Embraco´s Condensing units can be fully equipped with a liquid line, filter dryer, liquid receiver and valves, eliminating the need for the installer or manufacturer to customize it later. Another differentiation is a side glass, which allows to check how the system is working. It comes with both medium and low temperature models.

New X Generation compressors for more cooling capacity

Another important launch of this semester is the NEX compressors platform, the fourth generation after the NE, NEK and NEU families. “It is a solution for food retail and, specially, food service, in applications such as beverage coolers, ice makers , professional kitchen appliances and blast chillers, for its robustness and reliability, which are recognized attributes of the Embraco brand”, explains Pirovano. One of the main gains of the NEX in comparison with the previous platform is the increase in the platform maximum displacement from 18.7cc to 21cc, delivering a maximum cooling capacity of 1620W in MBP condition. It also enables the addition of 10% in energy efficiency in LBP condition, combined with lower noise. With those characteristics it can replace the NT platform in some applications, being 25 millimeters shorter. In parallel to the NEX, Embraco is also launching two new models of the NJX and four of the NTX, the other two platforms of the X Generation. All platforms work on natural refrigerant R290 (propane), thus being fully compliant with Europe’s F-gas regulations.

New structure to better serve the market

Since 1971, Embraco has been a trusted partner for the residential and commercial refrigeration appliances industries, from OEMs to the aftermarket. After it was acquired by Nidec Corporation, in July 2019, the brand became part of the Nidec Global Appliance division’s portfolio, which strengthened its core business. This movement led to the creation of a Commercial Appliances Business Unit inside Nidec Global Appliance’s structure, dedicated to enlarge Embraco’s cooling solutions portfolio and service offerings. “This new Business Unit will enhance the brand’s global presence and allow it to work closer to customers by focusing on applications (cold rooms, display cabinets, milk tanks and others), in order to offer even more solutions in the commercial market segments (food service, food retail and medical)”, states Business Senior Manager, Gilmar Pirovano. 

Portfolio highlights at Chillventa

In addition to the above mentioned product launches, Embraco is also highlighting at Chillventa the following solutions:

FMF line-up: with variable speed, it is the most efficient compressor for the commercial segment in the market, ideal for applications requiring high temperature stability, reliability and low noise. It is bivolt, operating at rated voltages of 110V and 220V, and works in a wide rpm range. The variable speed technology keeps the temperature stable by modulating the capacity, according to the application demand. In addition, it operates with R290 natural refrigerant, which is an environmentally friendly solution, with zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and negligible Global Warming Potential (GWP), and delivers up to 40% reduction in energy consumption, compared with on-off (fixed speed) models of the same cooling capacity.

EMC for beverage coolers, vending machines, under-counters and reach-ins: as part of the EM family, which has a wide range of compressors from 3 to 11cc, it’s one of the world’s most efficient single-speed compressors and it runs on R290. EMC features a smaller platform, with an extended cooling capacity that can replace larger compressors, freeing up more internal cabinet space for refrigerators.

EH for food service applications: it’s a recent launch that applies R290, featuring a new platform with an extended cooling capacity, suitable for 450L food service reach ins, ice machines with capacity up to 90kg/day, and 650L horizontal freezer cabinets, making it even more responsive to customer needs.

NTX for ice machines and multi deck reach ins: it is the next generation of the NT series, developed to address the increasing demand for high energy efficiency and lower noise levels in large cooling capacity compressors for commercial refrigeration equipment. With a line up of models that is approved for higher refrigerant charge and still under PED category 1, NTX is developed for applications that demand robust cooling such as multideck reach ins and ice machines.

NJX for cold rooms: is a new and extended generation of the NJ series, reaching up to 2 Hp on a single piston compressor. This capacity extension (to 2 Hp) is an improvement of up to 50% in comparison to the current solutions available in the market. This product stands out for its high efficiency, low noise, robustness and reliability,  with a compact and competitive design, suitable for a wide range of applications that require an extended cooling capacity, such as milk coolers, ice cream makers and cold rooms. Available in R290 and low GWP transitory refrigerant options, it’s an intelligent solution that meets the standards required by European legislation on Ecodesign and energy labels.

The Sliding Unit is a solution for outdoor applications, such as restaurants, bakeries and convenience stores, specially focused on easy access and space restrictions. To get there it has been designed with a maintenance drawer with screwless access and more units are simply stackable on one another. Sliding Unit´s longitudinal air flow makes for maximum performance optimization and compactness, as the product can be installed directly on the wall.

Bioma is a condensing unit also focused on cold rooms of supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, butcheries and professional kitchens, with a unique attribute: silence. Designed for applications requiring low noise level, its sound level is 50% lower when compared to conventional models. The unit also meets other needs of tenants, such as ease of maintenance, with three doors allowing maximum accessibility to internal components, quick installation and volume reduction, thanks to its stackability which allows to increase the capacity while optimizing the space in the stores.