Introducing Energy-Saving and Environmentally-Friendly Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators for Effective Refrigerated Storage of Pharmaceuticals and Samples

PHC Corporation announces the launch of Sliding Door Pharmaceutical Refrigerators  in Japan. Both models feature natural refrigerants and inverter compressors, and are for use by medical institutions and research facilities.

Along with offering reliable refrigerated storage of pharmaceuticals and samples for medical institutions, drug development and life science facilities, the sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerators help significantly save energy and are eco-friendly.

1.CFC-Free Natural Refrigerants and Inverter Compressors Reduce Energy Consumption by Approximately 56%

Both new models reduce power consumption by approximately 56% compared to previous models by using CFC-free natural refrigerants with high cooling efficiency and energy-saving inverter compressors. The use of natural refrigerants instead of harmful CFC and HCFC chemicals, helps these environmentally-friendly and economical new models prevent ozone depletion and global warming.

2.Reduced Glass Condensation and Increased Temperature Control Accuracy

The high temperature-insulating double-glass pane filled with argon gas and the airflow generated near the bottom door rail assist in preventing condensation on the glass door. In addition, inverter compressors deliver better temperature control, allowing refrigerated storage of pharmaceuticals and samples in ideal temperature ranges.

3.Cabinet Temperature Traceability and Precise Temperature Display

The refrigerator temperature can be displayed in 0.1°C increments. The inner temperature is continuously tracked along with automatic logging of alarms related to temperature changes and the history of door openings. Recorded data serve as evidence of the correct temperature being used for refrigerated storage and appropriate management of pharmaceuticals and samples.

PHC Corporation is a Japanese subsidiary of the PHC Group, a global healthcare company group that develops, manufactures, sells, and services across diabetes management, diagnostics and life sciences, as well as healthcare service businesses. The new sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerators expand the portfolio of products that support environmental protection and energy conservation in the life sciences business.

Nobuaki Nakamura, corporate officer and co-head of Life Sciences/Diagnostics Domain of PHC Holdings Corporation as well as member of the board and director of the Biomedical Division of PHC Corporation says, “Our life science business, which features the new brand name “PHCbi” following the company’s name change in April 2018, dates back to 1966 when the company launched pharmaceutical refrigerators in Japan. Our pharmaceutical refrigerators featuring high technology and quality now have No.1 share in the domestic market in Japan, supporting medical development. We believe the new sliding door pharmaceutical refrigerators with CFC-free natural refrigerants and inverter compressors will help create a sustainable environment for our planet by reducing greenhouse gas emission and further saving energy. Going forward, we will be contributing to leading-edge research for next-generation medical treatments by anticipating the changing needs in medical research and offering value-added laboratory and medical support equipment and services to healthcare professionals and researchers.”

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