Frascold presents the Q10-TK Series: high-performance compact transcritical CO2 compressors

Frascold completes its range of transcritical CO2 compressors with the Q10-TK series, 7, 8, 10 m3/h with 4 cylinders, capable of offering the best performance, weight and volume ratio in accordance with market requirements, such as the need to standardise booster units according to a modular approach.

The retail market is increasingly oriented towards transcritical CO2 solutions and R744 is the natural coolant from which the market expects the most. It ensures numerous benefits from an environmental point of view, with an ODP of zero and a GWP of 1, in perfect compliance with the impositions of the Kigali Protocol, the F-gas Regulation, the carbon tax active in various countries and the European Ecodesign Directive.

Superior performance, in terms of volumetric displacement in a compact and lightweight solution: the decision to use 4 cylinders even on small sizes allows Frascold to keep its promise to the market to produce solutions characterised by maximum stability and silence, elements that distinguish all the Company’s systems. Moreover, the reduction of vibrations, combined with low oil drag, translates into greater reliability for the entire system.

Also noteworthy is the flexibility of the Q10-TK series: thanks to modular composition, this solution is ideal for a wide range of applications, from small and medium-sized city stores, which are experiencing a strong growth phase, to large stores. The Q10-TK family consists of the Q10-7TK, Q10-8TK and Q10-10TK models, which cover nominal volumetric displacement from 7 to 10 m3/h at 50 Hz. It is also possible to modulate the cooling capacity by changing the frequency from 30 to 70 Hz.

Lastly, the models of the new series can be equipped with the innovative CapaFlexTM cold regulation system, patented by the company. An exclusive mechanical device, which allows constant modulation of the cooling capacity, without the need for an inverter, to suit the real needs of the application, for maximum energy efficiency and lower installation and maintenance costs.

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