European Heat Pump Summit – Ground source heat pump with HC: Frascold for residential application

The strengths of an HC ground source application with HC are many and touch on different aspects: sustainability, efficiency and innovation. Sustainability represents the future: fuel resources are decreasing and they are more and more expensive, unlike electricity, whose energy mix sees an increasing share deriving from renewable sources.

By eliminating the polluting emissions of heating systems through the use of clean natural sources and the use of natural refrigerants, which are more performing and with limited global warming impact, they can drastically reduce the environmental impact. Energy savings can also be quantified in economic terms.

Efficiency is guaranteed thanks to technological evolution, the latest generation heat pump guarantees the best energy efficiency in its category. It is able to provide hot water even over 80 °C if required and meet the heating and domestic hot water loads. In the reversible mode, by inverting the cycle, it is also able to provide summer cooling.

Finally, the possibility of heating the water even at high temperatures allows integration into the residential sector without substantial changes to the existing heat distribution systems. The innovation of the application therefore allows to satisfy the thermal demand, replacing the gas or heating oil heat generator with a substantially plug-in heat pump solution.

The range of Frascold compressors dedicated to hydrocarbons is ATEX Zone 2 certified to ensure easier risk analysis of the machine. Thanks to the use of natural refrigerants and the high efficiency obtained from dedicated design solutions, it is possible to minimize the carbon footprint of the entire system.


26.10.2021Time: 11:30 – 11:50

Location: Hall Brüssel, NCC Mitte

To register: HERE