Embraco highlights its complete portfolio of commercial solutions at SIFA

Embraco will be presenting its complete portfolio for commercial applications at the SIFA fair in Paris, on November 19 – 21. As one of the largest and most innovative players in the light commercial refrigeration market, Embraco will showcase a customer centric portfolio, covering all applications, such as supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, butcheries, pastry shops, restaurants and professional kitchens of all sorts. Since installers represent a great share of SIFA audience, the company intends to show its complete range of commercial solutions, as well as the new cooling solution ranges for silence and housed units, conceived entirely basing on the needs of the installer and the end-user.

Driven by innovation and technology, Embraco is focused on providing a platform that combines services and solutions for high performance refrigeration, while also being in line with present and future environmental regulations. That’s why it has been directing efforts towards energy efficiency for 25 years, and today is a pioneer in the use of natural refrigerants.

Attentive to market demands, the company believes that these refrigerants are the ideal solution for the future of refrigeration by aligning in a sustainable way economic and environmental needs. That’s because these refrigerants reduce the negative effects on the ozone layer and the greenhouse effects, while also improving the equipment’s energy efficiency.

 Innovative and elegant solutions

Visitors at the trade show are going to be able to know in detail Bioma and Sliding Unit, which represent perfectly the company’s customer centric approach.

The Sliding Unit is a solution for outdoor applications, such as restaurants, bakeries and convenience stores, specially focused on easy access and space restrictions. To get there it has been designed with a maintenance drawer with screwless access and more units are simply stackable on one another. Sliding Unit´s longitudinal air flow makes for maximum performance optimization and compactness, as the product can be installed directly on the wall. 

BIOMA is a condensing unit also focused on cold rooms of supermarkets, convenience stores, bakeries, butcheries and professional kitchens, with a unique attribute: silence. Designed for applications requiring low noise level, its sound level is 50% lower when compared to conventional models. The unit also meets other needs of tenants, such as ease of maintenance, with three doors allowing maximum accessibility to internal components, quick installation and volume reduction, thanks to its stackability which allows to increase the capacity while optimizing the space in the stores.

See you at the booth NU C41 at SIFA