EFCTC position paper: Public Consultation on the review of the F-gas Regulation

EFCTC  – European FluoroCarbons Technical Committee – supports the objectives and structure of the F-gas Regulation. Since 2015, the European market has demonstrated that the structure of the F-gas Regulation works in its current format, as it provides the market flexibility to make appropriate refrigerant choices while fostering the use of lower GWP refrigerants in combination with measures directly targeting the reduction of refrigerant related emissions. EFCTC believes that the key focus of the F-gas review process should be to ensure and improve the implementation and enforcement of the regulation, especially, in view of the European Green Deal and its goal of minimizing F-gas emissions, while also aligning the Regulation with the Montreal Protocol.

In response to the public consultation on the F-gas Regulation, four main themes are addressed in the EFCTC submission:

  • Improving the functioning of the legitimate supply chain, including reclamation and destruction
  • Strengthening measures to eliminate illegal trade
  • Delivering HFC emissions reductions
  • Maintaining market flexibility and avoiding market disruption with the existing phase-down schedule and use bans.

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