Danfoss empowers food retailers to make predictive maintenance a reality today

Danfoss strengthens its Alsenseā„¢ IoT services with a holistic store-level software suite, moving store maintenance from reactive to proactive. This enables food retailers to prioritize and reduce their maintenance efforts across stores and critical events.

The Danfoss Group, a leading player in the refrigeration industry, has announced the newest addition to their digital service portfolioĀ  –Ā  a software solution, originally developed by Honeywell.

ā€œWe are thrilled to welcome the Smart Refrigeration Solution and incorporate it into our Alsenseā„¢ cloud-based services. We are now putting predictive maintenance into action allowing the food retail industry to prevent unplanned cooling system downtime and inefficiencies in energy consumption,ā€ says JĆ¼rgen Fischer, President of Danfoss Cooling Segment.

“Combining the Smart Refrigeration Solution with our existing Alsenseā„¢ portfolio accelerates our ambition of meeting food retail customersā€™ needs for optimizing and proactively maintaining a Ā­high store performance,” says Natalie Schnippering, Head of Product Management Digital Services at Danfoss. “The solution goes beyond the traditional monitoring systems that are primarily providing alarms and data overviews. It identifies operating issues, such as compressor failure or coil icing, and provides hands-on guidance to fix them.”

Today, Alsenseā„¢ provides food retail professionals with transparency and executive overviews of refrigeration assets and energy efficiency at the chain level. Going forward, the combined Alsenseā„¢ offering will enable managers to easily benchmark and prioritize efforts across stores to save time and optimize the impact of their maintenance spend. Further, Alsenseā„¢ will provide service technicians with a prioritized action plan, empowering them to immediately address equipment performance and operating concerns upon arrival at a store.

ā€œThe Smart Refrigeration Solution software was developed based on customer requirements gathered from leading food retailers who were looking to save money by reducing energy spend and improving the performance of their refrigeration system, ā€œ says Chris LaPietra, Vice President and General Manager, Honeywell Stationary Refrigerants.

The step follows the launch of Danfossā€™ Alsenseā„¢ IoT platform in October and will accelerate Danfossā€™ efforts in providing food retail professionals with intuitive software tools and data-driven, expert-enabled insights to optimize operational efficiency, refrigeration asset performance, and energy efficiency.