D-TK con Capaflex: Frascold leads the evolution in comfort

More welcoming spaces with a greater focus on personal well-being: among the many new challenges faced by the comfort sector, what stands out is the need to simultaneously guarantee the ideal temperature and best air quality, thus ensuring the perfect balance between thermal comfort, performance, and sustainability. To this end, Frascold – at the service of industry Operators – also offers an innovative range of transcritical CO2 semi-hermetic compressors, available in a version with Capaflex, the exclusive mechanical capacity regulation system, developed in close collaboration by Hoerbiger.

Designed for high, medium, and low temperature applications, D-TK is extremely versatile and suitable for different uses: from heat pumps in industrial and commercial environments, to various systems for the transport sector. Featuring a lighter and more compact build compared to other compressors available on the market, it is also ideal for use in tight spaces. Moreover, it boasts a high SSP (standstill pressure), allowing the system – when at a standstill – to resist against the pressure generated in high-temperature environments, without needing to introduce active and passive solutions for its containment. Other key strengths include quietness, low vibrations, and minimum oil carry-over.

Adding to the advantages of choosing D-TK is Capaflex, designed and specifically adapted for Frascold compressors, for transcritical applications. It allows continuous and easy modulation of the cooling capacity without needing to resort to an inverter. Optimum indoor comfort and maximum reduction of consumption, installation and maintenance costs: this mechanical alternative, featuring a very simple electronic component, is easy to manage for professionals familiar with traditional CO2 systems. Moreover, laboratory tests have demonstrated that the load can be partialised up to 20%. Efficient and effective, Capaflex prolongs the life of the compressor and thus protects the overall health of the system, guaranteeing the correct load and lowest possible number of on-off cycles.

Lastly, D-TK with Capaflex has proven to be an excellent solution in various fields, for example the railway sector, where it can be difficult and expensive to procure complex electronic components such as inverters compatible with specific regulatory requirements. The use of CO2 is rapidly spreading to new applications in addition to commercial cooling, thanks to the remarkable benefits of this long-term, non-flammable, non-toxic gas, which doesn’t require any particular certifications. Among Frascold’s most recent success stories, it is noted the use of D-TK with Capaflex to develop a comfort system for a well-known tramway company.