A cool innovation keeps beverages cold stylishly and sustainably

Coolers have been providing cold beverages to quench the thirst of busy people on the run for years. The new kid on the block is Nordic 24/7 Services’ Home of Cool’, a novel eco-friendly cooler and beverage dispenser without compressors or chemical refrigerants. EU-funding of the H2020 project Home of Cool enabled the company to take the nascent technology to market.

A sleek Nordic design encloses modern cooling technology

Large companies are increasingly moving toward greener policies and practices while at the same time demanding attractive products to set them apart from the competition. ‘Home of Cool’ is an excellent solution combining eco-friendly technology with a sleek Nordic design that replaces conventional metal and plastic with wood composites. Veli Eloranta, founder and CEO of Nordic 24/7 Services Ltd, explains: “Our team wanted to show that you can be green and still be an international success story. All the technology we are using has existed for years, but it took a while to put it all together. Our new cooler design concept has received several patents and a prestigious international design award.” ‘Home of Cool’ coolers are up to 90 % lighter than traditional cooling devices and are 100 % recyclable, with a smaller carbon footprint than conventional coolers. They are almost 100 % maintenance-free, and they save space because they are small thanks to electric cooling technology. In addition, the coolers have integrated Internet of Things (IoT) technology and are supported by Bizkit, a system that provides customer information such as who is buying, what their product preferences are and what their buying frequency is. Further, just-in-time logistics including accurate information regarding unit sales and refill needs ensures that ‘Home of Cool’ owners always meet their customers’ demands.

The market warms up to a cool idea

According to Eloranta: “As a small company with a novel product, it can be difficult to get the attention of well-established enterprises. The Home of Cool project helped us to do that by enhancing our professional presence in demanding international markets.” The ‘Home of Cool’ beverage dispenser targets point-of-sale applications. Filled with beverage cans from the back that are served via the small window at the front, the cooler is perfect for shops, stores or self-serve restaurants with limited counter space and that want a sleek design. As Eloranta explains: “The ‘Home of Cool’ is more than just an eco-friendly smart item – it is a stylish, internationally-awarded, patented product that complements the existing cooler market. The possibilities are almost limitless – we are excited to have turned our dream into reality!” Home of Cool is now running pilots with many large companies in a global market worth EUR 40 billion. The company is also pursuing alternative large-volume customers and has been quite successful so far. For example, Eloranta and his team have now secured a pilot with about 4 000 driving schools.