Copeland to Showcase Its Vilter Industrial CO2 Compression Portfolio at IIAR Natural Refrigeration Expo

Copeland, a global provider of sustainable climate solutions, has recently announced that the company’s first industrial transcritical CO2 compressor unit is now in production. Purpose-built for the rigors of high-pressure industrial CO2 refrigeration, the new Vilter transcritical CO2 compressor was developed in response to increasing industry demands for sustainable, safe and reliable CO2 refrigeration technologies. It will complement the Vilter subcritical CO2 compressor, to comprise a full transcritical CO2 compression solution. Both the Vilter industrial transcritical and subcritical CO2 compressors are now available in the North America market.

Large-capacity transcritical CO2 compressors reduce the complexity of industrial refrigeration operations by reducing the number of components required for larger systems. The Vilter transcritical CO2 compressor offers one of the most rugged compression solutions for sustainable industrial refrigeration needs. Built around the durable Vilter single-screw compressor model, the CO2 systems enable designers, builders and operators of cold storage, food and beverage, recreation, utility and power, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical and  industrial processing to meet their sustainability goals with a simple design and cost-effective system. 

The Vilter transcritical CO2 compressor line is available in seven displacements to suit most large industrial refrigeration systems. The products are designed for high-side CO2 transcritical systems and have a power range from 100 to 900 horsepower per compressor.

The subcritical CO2 compressor line, designed for the low side of a CO2 transcritical or cascade system, is available in 11 displacements, with a power range of 100 to 900 horsepower per compressor. 

Copeland’s commercial CO2 expertise provides unmatched experience needed to meet the rigors of high-pressure industrial CO2 compression,” said Michael Gersmeyer, senior product manager, Vilter for Copeland. “The unique Vilter single-screw compressor design is ideal for handling the high pressures seen in CO2 transcritical operation.”