Webinar on Energy Efficiency of AHU’s in hot and humid climates

As a crucial part of a cooling and ventilation system, Air Handling Units can be built to a multitude of customer specifications and operating environments. Since January 2022, Eurovent has mandated its certified manufacturers to disclose the energy ratings for hot and humid climates when the products are sold in such environments.

In reaction to mounting requests to adjust energy ratings to local climates, Eurovent and its certification subunit Eurovent Certita Certification have developed an energy rating for hot and humid conditions. Aside from such ratings for chillers and VRF systems, the use of a separate energy label for Air Handling Units which operate in such climates, require a deeper look to understand implications and underlying operating principles.

To provide the technical background and an overview of the new energy label, Eurovent, in cooperation with Eurovent Middle East and Eurovent Certita Certification will host a dedicated joint webinar on 28 April 2022, addressing the following topics:

  • Eurovent’s energy label for hot and humid climates: Programme origin and methodology
  • Energy efficiency in hot and humid conditions: Expert assessment and analysis
  • Technical panel discussion

The webinar will be concluded with a dedicated Q&A session, where participants are invited to discuss any issues related to the topics. Register now and be a part of the ‘Energy Efficiency of Air Handling Units – Hot and Humid Climates’ webinar. The webinar will be aired internationally on 28 April 2022 with the following timing:

  • Europe and North Africa: 08:00-09:30h (Brussels, Cairo)
  • Middle East: 09:00-10:30h (Riyadh), 10:00-11:30h (Abu Dhabi)
  • India: 11:30-13:00h (New Delhi)
  • Southeast Asia: 14:00-15:30h (Singapore)

Registration is free-of-charge via this link.