Varese (Italy): seizure of fluorinated greenhouse gases

Credits: ADM

While conducting their duty to fight frauds and non-fiscal offenses, officials of the Customs and Monopolies Agency (ADM) of the Anti-Fraud Department of the Varese Office (Lombardy, Italy), have carried out a verification activity, in close collaboration with the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).

This activity resulted in the seizure of 2.5 tons of fluorinated greenhouse gases (HFC), arriving from Turkey and of Chinese origin.  The gas was contained in 138 cylinders and has a total value of about 27,500 EUR.

The importation of the products violated the provisions of EU Regulation No. 517/2014, which assigns quotas to importers that are required to apply to the European electronic register, as well as to declare to the Commission the quantities imported yearly (Articles 16, 17 and 19).

Failure to comply with the provisions in articles 16 and 17 in particular results in the violation of art. 11 of the R.D.L. No. 1923/26 (converted by law No. 1495/1927, as amended by art. 67 of Legislative Decree No. 507/99), which also prescribes the mandatory seizure of the goods, under the responsibility of the Ministry of Economic Development .