Valeo: R744 AC solution for buses presented at Busworld 2019

At Busworld in Brussels from 18–23 October 2019 Valeo will be exhibiting complete system solutions for alternative bus drive concepts. Whether for electric powered mini, city or double-decker buses, this year the company is displaying electric HVAC solutions for all bus sizes and climates at Stand 222 in Hall 2.

The air conditioning specialist is celebrating a world first with the REVO-E HP R744 heating and air conditioning system, featuring all-electric and completely environmentally neutral technology.

Valeo REVO-E HP R744: Heating and air conditioning with zero emissions

The new Valeo REVO-E HP R744 is an all-electric emission-free rooftop a/c unit with heat pump function for buses with alternative drives. The environmentally neutral HVAC system operates with the natural coolant R744 (CO2) and guarantees efficient air conditioning and a high heat pump capacity (27 kW at 0°C / 20kW at -10°C) at ambient temperatures of -20°C to +44°C with low energy consumption. The system features a fully automatic mechanism that always selects the correct operating mode and switches from air conditioning to the heat pump or de-icing function. The external heat exchanger ices up in heat pump mode at outside temperatures below 5°C. The fully automatic defrosting function integrated into the system reduces this negative effect and enables the bus to be heated by means of a heat pump even at extremely low outside temperatures.