USA: NASRC publishes new report on commercial refrigeration

In 2020, NASRC – North America Sustainable Refrigeration Council retailer members participated in a survey to characterize retailer demand for natural refrigerant-based condensing units and bring more solutions to the market. Given increasing regulatory pressures to transition to the lowest possible global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants, our retailer members indicated specific interest in CO2 and propane-based condensing units due to their potential to:

  • Modularly transition existing systems during normal replacement of aging equipment
  • Provide flexibility to serve unique load types in new and existing stores
  • Contribute to overall GWP reduction targets

The results of the survey are summarized in a new published report which describes their preferences for product applications, load type priority and corresponding capacity ranges (MBTUs), condensing medium preferences, and other considerations.

The report can be found HERE