TROX re-joins Eurovent Middle East

TROX, a leading manufacturer of high-quality ventilation equipment, has re-joined the association after a year of absence, renewing its commitment to joint industry initiatives in the fields of standardisation, education and awareness raising. TROX has been active in the Middle East for over 50 years providing ventilation equipment to a wide range of prestigious projects.

In light of the increasing importance of adequate and efficient ventilation solutions and the role of Indoor Air Quality for general health and safety, the industry needs to reinforce its focus on technical regulations, standards and recommendations in the fields of ventilation and air filtration. Being part of an industry association allows for pooling of resources and a coordinated approach to the transformation of markets towards higher standards.

Saad Ali, Managing Director of TROX Middle East and Africa, underlines the importance of representing the HVAC voice in the region: “TROX has always advocated for the highest standards in airside products. We currently see how dependent we all are on the supply of safe and clean indoor air. While the technical solutions and equipments are available, we need to bring about change in the awareness and knowledge of people, that the technology is also made use of and implemented with certification. This can only work if the industry stands together and jointly works towards higher standards and requirements.

Nerissa Deoraj, Executive Director of Eurovent Middle East adds: “We are happy to welcome TROX back after a year of absence. We are currently developing an educational programme for Air Handling Units (AHUs) amongst other relevant technologies and appreciate the expertise and training capacity TROX will add to this initiative. Educating stakeholders is the common responsibility of the industry and can only be achieved by working together.