Thermo King Expands its C-Series Range for Small Trucks and Vans

Thermo King®, a leader in transport temperature control solutions and a brand of Trane Technologies, introduced the new models within its C-Series for small, medium, and large trucks and vans. With the new C-550, C-650, and C-750 single temperature refrigeration units, the Thermo King C-Series now suits vehicle bodies of up to 50m3. The new Thermo King C-Series offers the high performance needed for full spectrum city distributions with fresh, frozen, and heating modes.

The compressor-driven Thermo King C-Series is suited to the rigorous demands of multi-drop distribution runs, offering powerful cooling and heating capacity to protect the load even when the ambient temperature reaches extreme highs or lows. Improved airflow maximizes the internal air circulation to protect the load within vehicle bodies up to 8 meters long. The Thermo King C-Series comes in a compact design with low weight and size to allow customers to maximize their payload volumes.

We at Thermo King are exceptionally excited to be able to offer three brand new products to expand upon our existing, first-class quality C-Series Product Family. With their compact, lightweight, powerful, and robust design, these units are going to deliver tremendous value to our customers in the large van, as well as the medium to large truck segments,” said Graham Wells, Truck Product Manager at Thermo King. “With the new models, customers now have more options to fit their city distribution needs and benefit from this reliable, easy to operate, service and repair technology.”

Key Features and benefits:

  • New C-550, C-650, and C750 units with capacities of 5.2kW to 6.8kW expanding the C-Series to seven road-only and no standby models suiting nose-, roof- and cuvette-mount applications of vehicle bodies up to 50m3.
  • Improved airflow thanks to the powerful fans coupled with a new and highly efficient evaporator coil and frame design.
  • New compact design with up to 30% less weight than an equivalent vehicle-powered system for increased operational efficiency and maximized customer payloads.
  • High heating and cooling capacities to cover the full spectrum of city distribution applications with one unit, delivering reliable protection for fresh and frozen cargo
  • Easy to use C-Series Smart Reefer CSR in-cab controller allowing drivers to optimize unit’s performance and ensure load protection.
  • The C-Series is manufactured and tested in Thermo King manufacturing plant in Barcelona, Spain. The value of the new units is also supported by a 2-year warranty on the entire unit.