Thermo King Ads CO2 Sensor for Optimized Fresh Air Ventilation in Hybrid and Electric Buses

Thermo King®, a leader in transport temperature control solutions and a brand of Trane Technologies, introduced today a new CO2 sensor to the Athenia™ MkII Electric heat pump range for hybrid and electric buses. The new sensor optimizes the fresh air ventilation rate and increases the air flow by actively monitoring and controlling the CO2 levels inside the bus. The sensor helps maintain the right balance between the ventilation rate and energy consumption of the HVAC unit, while also positively impacting the driving range of the electric bus.

“Traditionally, HVAC systems designed for electric buses manage the energy consumption in order to extend the driving range of the bus. This often means reducing the amount of fresh air entering the passenger area,” said Peter Hansen, product leader at Thermo King Marine, Rail and Bus. “Industry and health organizations recommend increasing fresh-air supply and improving ventilation of closed spaces as one of the contributors to decrease potential airborne transmission of viruses. We designed the new sensor to better monitor and control CO2 and aerosols levels inside the bus, and more efficiently manage the ventilation flowrate.”

The Thermo King CO2 sensor is easy to install and was designed to work with the Thermo King CAN communication system. If the bus is already equipped with a CO2 sensor, upgraded Thermo King proprietary monitoring software can be uploaded and enable the new features.

Key benefits of the new Thermo King CO2 sensor include:

  • Quick and easy installation on Thermo King Athenia™ CAN based units; seamless adaptation and not visible to passengers
  • Active monitoring of the CO2 PPM levels inside the bus and management of fresh air supply by the Athenia™ unit
  • Step-less drive of the fresh air flaps to provide smooth operation and optimized ventilation
  • Optimized control and balance between energy conservation and ventilation

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