The OzonAction ‘WhatGas?’ application


The OzonActionWhatGas?’ application is an information and identification tool for refrigerants gases: ozone depleting substances (ODS), HFCs and other alternatives.

It is intended to provide some stakeholders, including Montreal Protocol National Ozone Officers, customs officers, and refrigeration and air-conditioning technicians with a modern, easy-to-use tool that can be accessed via mobile devices or the OzonAction website to facilitate work in the field, when dealing with or inspecting ODS and alternatives, and as a useful reference tool.

If the user requires additional information or assistance in identifying a refrigerant gas they are inspecting or that is described in the relevant paperwork, this can be easily obtained by consulting the application.

The WhatGas? app, which is available in English, French and Spanish, provides a wealth of useful information about refrigerants through a variety of search methods. By entering partial information or browsing the database, the application provides quick reference information on many aspects of the chemical in question, including: the chemical name and formula; type of chemical, common trade names; various chemical and commodity identifiers (CAS numbers, ASHRAE designations, HS codes, UN numbers, etc); as well as other useful information such as flammability and other hazards; the ozone depleting and global warming potentials, and if the chemical is controlled under the Montreal Protocol. The app includes both pure substances and the newest refrigerant mixtures (with ASHRAE approved refrigerant designations) and values for ‘actual GWP’ and ‘Kigali Amendment context GWP’ for pure substances and mixtures

It uses standard ODP values and GWP values as specified in the text of the Montreal Protocol; other values from the recent reports from the Montreal Protocol technology and scientific expert panels as well as the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are indicated when appropriate, with references to sources of all values used.

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