The new Z TK range

FrascoldLeading player in the development, production and marketing of semi-hermetic compressors for the refrigeration and air conditioning industry – has taken part in EuroShop 2020 (Hall 15 – F32), the largest international fair devoted to the Retail sector, which will be held in Düsseldorf from the 16th to the 20th of February. A showcase of excellence to present a world preview of its new series of compressors, Z TK and FVR.

For over 80 years, Frascold has contributed to the success of its Clients with a complete range of screw and reciprocating semi-hermetic compressors, which stand out for their quality, efficiency and cutting-edge technology” stated Livio Calabrese, Frascold’s Sales & Marketing Director, who also added: “The R&D centre functions as the heart of Frascold and performs the fundamental task of generating added value. Continuous investments allow the Company to ensure control over the various phases of designing, prototyping, product development and product evaluation in terms of dimensions, layout and performance.”

The new Z TK e FVR ranges are a tangible expression of this. More specifically, Z TK is a series of 6-cylinder semi-hermetic compressors for transcritical applications with a CO2 refrigeration system. The family, featuring a stand still up to 100 bar, is made up of three models: Z40-31TK and Z50-38TK, for boosters, with a displaced volume of 31 and 38 m3/h respectively, and Z50-31TK, also suitable for heat pumps, with a displaced volumeof 31 m3/h. Z TK boasts a minimal oil carry-over thanks to the exclusive Frascold piston design, characterised by three pistons rings and a fourth oil scraper, guaranteeing maximum reliability and efficiency. Further benefits to Z TK are its high refrigeration capacity and flexibility, given by the possibility to work within a frequency range from 30 to 70 Hz, as well as its superior energy efficiency, thanks to the reduction of pulsations. Finally, such compressors are characterised by low level of vibrations, which improve the smooth running and reduce noisiness. This is a true advantage of the range, which makes it ideal for industrial and commercial applications in large-sized structures such as superstores, shopping centres and distribution or storage centres.

The FVR twin screw semi-hermetic compressor series was introduced to meet the needs of industrial refrigeration. The FVR range includes versions L and H, with evaporation temperatures up to -50°C and -20°C respectively. Each model comes with both 50 and 60 Hz delivery rates, for a total capacity ranging from a minimum of 120 to a maximum of 160 m3/h at 50 Hz and from 144 to 192 m3/h at 60 Hz. They are plug & playsolutions which stand out for their ease of installation, also thanks to the universal compatibility of their connections, and with a coefficient of performance (COP) 5% higher in comparison with previous models. The strength of FVR lies in its compact size, the noiseless achieved with the special profile of the screws, and the possibility to partialise the compressor, allowing for longer durability and significant energy savings. Finally, the models of the series can be used with both HFC refrigerants and hydrocarbons, such as for example propane R290.

 Livio Calabrese, Frascold’s Sales & Marketing Director, commented: “Euroshop has been an opportunity to share the know-how capitalised by Frascold in different locations and fields of application, paired with a first-class Customer service. The choice to pursue a vertical integration in terms of planning, production and logistics has had positive effects on the direct management of the whole production chain, guaranteeing a superior efficiency of business processes, as well as high quality standards.” He then concluded: “Frascold has always been oriented towards actively listening to its Clients, which is how consultations can become an asset for the Company to be able to identify and process messages coming from the market, in order to become increasingly innovative, flexible and fast.”