The CAREL Group will be exhibiting its complete and integrated solutions at ISH 2023

At ISH 2023, to be held in Frankfurt from 13 to 17 March, CAREL will be participating for the first time ever as a Group, presenting a global HVAC offering together with Group companies Enginia, HygroMatik, Klingenburg and Recuperator. On show will be a complete range of innovative and sustainable solutions to improve indoor air quality, increase performance and reduce energy consumption. The primary objective is to guarantee correct air recirculation, as well as to control humidity and the concentration of harmful substances and pathogens, so as to create healthy and comfortable environments.
A major contribution to increasing the energy efficiency of air handling units comes from heat recovery: Klingenburg’s RRU ECO heat exchangersrepresent the most efficient way to avoid wasting thermal energy, handling large air flows with up to 85% efficiency. Moreover, air handling units can significantly reduce energy consumption when equipped with BLDC compressors, electronic valves, and managed by CAREL programmable electronic controllers.
Choosing the right type of heat recovery requires careful analysis of different parameters, including the efficiency ratio, pressure drop and size in relation to the air handling unit. Where plate heat exchangers are needed, Recuperator offers EXSTREAM, a cross-flow heat exchanger with a hexagonal shape, designed to guarantee even higher high efficiency and low pressure drop. The dampers designed and manufactured by Enginia also play a fundamental role in ensuring the high performance of an air handling unit, helping minimise energy waste through their main function: closing the system when off, so as to prevent uncontrolled entry of ambient air into the unit. Furthermore, they can be used to control the recirculation flow-rate and the air flow through the heat recovery bypass.
Another fundamental aspect for verifying whether the conditions inside a building ensure the health and safety of occupants is supervision of the indoor air quality parameters. With the CAREL boss monitoring and supervisory system, users can have complete visibility of the parameters measured by the IAQ probes, connected via Modbus® or Wi-Fi, both local and remote. CAREL also offers electronic controllers for ventilation systems, suitable for both retrofits and new installations, with updated control logic that takes into account the air quality parameters. Indeed, CAREL’s programmable controllers designed to manage rooftop units come with integrated libraries for correct management of IAQ probes and adjustment of the control output based on their signals.
Finally, considering that indoor spaces continually need to be cooled or heated, and that this has a direct effect on relative humidity, the latter also needs to be constantly controlled: without humidity control, in fact, the air would become too dry. The humidification systems presented by CAREL and HygroMatik at the event solve this problem by ensuring healthy indoor air in the right humidity range.

Hall 8, stand A61
Frankfurt, Germany
13 – 17 March 2023

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